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working line German shepherd Puppies from Germany
World class German shepherd Import puppies direct from Germany! (please also check our future import litters)
Gunbil Five year health and temperament guaranteeGünbil PUREBRED working line German shepherd puppies for sale are truly the BEST working line German shepherd puppies in the world! We breed with the highest standard, TOP level breeding with TOP working LINE German shepherd dogs. Our "working Line" German Shepherd puppies are recommended for all aspects of Police work, Narcotics Detection, Explosives Detection, Officer Protection, Military, Tracking, Cadaver Detection, Working Dog, Sport Dog, Guard Dog and naturally Family Protection Dogs! These dogs were bred for this purpose, absolutely clear in the head, have the natural desire to work a little harder than our show line dogs.

Our Günbil PUREBRED working line puppies come with great dispositions, social behaviors, and have natural protection drives to compete in any arena world wide, GUARANTEED! We're so confident in our world class "PUREBRED Working Line German Shepherd" breeding program that we can offer you a FULL FIVE (5) year genetic health and temperament guarantee! Our five year guarantee is for your peace of mind, our commitment to you and your new puppy/dog.

We believe in our "Gunbil German Shepherds" breeding program, you should too!

GUNBIL BRED Export/import puppies from Germany JUne 8, 2014 3,488.00
Artus vom grauen Ma-Holt Bella von Schloss Berge
V10 Artus vom grauen Ma-Holt v14 Bella von Schloss Berge
registration # sz/2239798(Germany)
titles schh3 (schhIIi) IPO3 / kkl1
hips excellent (a1) / excellent (a1)
Color Black (S)
breed value 84 (very good)
show ranking sg6 Bundessiegerprüfung 2013 / Germany
status total qualifying score 284
sire V14 Nox del Lupo Nero SchH/Ipo3/kkl1/a2/a1
dam SG6 Cobra vom Millennium sCHh3/kkl1/a1/a1
registration # sz/2223108 (Germany)
titles schh3 (schhIIi) IPO3 / kkl1
hips and elbows excellent (a1) / excellent (a1)
Color  dark/gray (dgr)
breed value 78 (excellent)
show ranking superior protection work with power
status v14 excellent rated in show (14th place)
sire Jack von der Laue schh3/ipo3 kkli1/a2/a1
dam Cijara vom alten Laibach-Teich schh3/Kkl1/a1/a1
Artus Profile: Over medium size, medium strong, stretched stresses. Good withers, slightly short steep croup, correct angulation front and rear, balanced chest proportions, straight front. Fluid gate with good space gain. Lively, safe nature, UCB pronounced. Trial Score: 291

bella's Profile: Medium size, medium strong, strong head, good topline, front: good angulation - back: very good angulation good chest proportions, effective replenishment, safe nature TSB: pronouncedly Bella has a well adjusted character, by work she is powerful with high drive and high self-confidence.


 NEW  -- von Günbil Arbeitshunde (Günbil working dogs) Puppies from our working Kennel in Germany.
litter status
litter status von Günbil Arbeitshunde - gunbil germany
pedigree pink paper (SV) akc & purebred kennel club (pkc)
date Bred January 18, 2014 (confirmed pregnant )
date born March 22, 2014
litter size 3 males 4 females
available puppies 1 male 2 females
purchase options
Delievery date JUne 8, 2014
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When you consider your import puppy selection from von Team Gunbil German Shepherds in Frankfurt (area), Germany and from our vom Haus Gunbil Rochele in Munich (area), Germany, you are truly getting the BEST possible German shepherd import puppies in the world. We are so confident in our breeding program that we can back-it-up with a FULL FIVE YEAR (5 YEARS) HEALTH and TEMPERAMENT guarantee.

We believe that all breeders should be this confident and have trust in their breeding program as we do and offer an identical 5 YEAR guarantee as mention above. After-all when you claim to be the BEST, you should back it up with a service that supports your character and your integrity. Our five year guarantee is for your peace of mind, our commitment to you and your new puppy/dog. 

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