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Working line German shepherd puppies from Germany
working line German shepherd puppies direct from von Günbil Ranch kennel in Germany
Gunbil Five year health and temperament guaranteeWe are "von Günbil" - TEAM GÜNBIL and GÜNBIL ROCHELE an SV Registered PUREBRED working/showline German shepherd breeder in Germany offering truly the BEST working line German shepherds in the world! We offer you our world-class expertise, superior knowledge, TOP working class dogs in the world with absolutely Clear-In-The-Head character, stable nerves and safe nature dogs! With my German Partners we have over 48 YEARS EXPERIENCE in COMPETING, breeding, improving with perfection the working/showline German shepherd dog!

We breed with the highest standard, TOP level breeding with TOP-WORLD-CHAMPION working LINE German shepherd dogs offered only in Germany. Our working German Shepherd puppies are recommended for all aspects of Police work, Narcotics Detection, Explosives Detection, Officer Protection, Military, Tracking, Cadaver Detection, Working Dog, Sport Dog, Guard Dog and naturally Family Protection Dogs! These dogs were bred for this purpose, absolutely clear in the head, have the natural desire to work a little harder than our show line dogs.

Our "Günbil ROCHELE" PUREBRED WORKING line puppies come with great dispositions, social behaviors, and have natural protection drives to compete in any arena world wide, GUARANTEED! We're so confident and assured in our World Class "PUREBRED Working Line German Shepherd" breeding program that we can offer you a FULL FIVE (5) year genetic HEALTH and TEMPERAMENT Guarantee!

Our five year guarantee is for your peace of mind, our commitment to you and your new puppy/dog - We believe in our "Günbil German Shepherds" breeding program, you should too!
von GÜnbil Ranch BRED working line puppies from Germany November 22, 2014 3,888.00
Odim von der Traubeneiche Xsari von der Schiffslache
V10 Odim von der Traubeneiche SG4 Xsari von der Schiffslache
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Stud Profile: Over the medium size, strong-powerful, full of substance, expressive with good topline, very good rear angulation, chest conditions are balanced, straight movement, powerful-spacious gate. TSB pronounced. Masculine appearance. hard and uncompromising protection service, with pronounced strength and self-assurance. sAFE IN NATURE with stable nerves!

Dam Profile: Medium size, medium strong, good topline, croup should be slightly longer, good angulations and chest proportions, straight step sequence, elbows should be closed, effective replenishment, good reach. Safe nature, UCB pronounced.

Excellent von Günbil Ranch IMPORTS Puppies will inherint strength-power, quick-ground speed, tough, confident and strong working drive. Excellent search services, sAFE IN NATURE with stable nerves!
von günbil Ranch Puppies from our Kennel in Germany.
litter status
litter status von GÜnbils ranch kennels from Germany
pedigree pink paper (SV) akc & purebred kennel club (pkc)
date born septemebr 06, 2014
litter size 4 males 6 females
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delivery date November 22, 2014
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