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at what age should my new puppy go home
From birth to 8 weeks of age it is crucial that your puppy remains with his mother and siblings in order to have the right social skills to interact with humans and other experiences that he will face in his life. At 8 weeks we separate the mother - in order to allow the puppies interact within the pack for determining their individual social structure without the mother presence - During this period, the puppy is very sociable and will have the desire to explore and interact with siblings as well as other puppies, humans, other animals, naturally everything in the environment, excellent observation of it's surrounding, tracking ability with certain odor, listening to differentiate sounds (great time to test for sound sensitivity).

Between 8 week to 10 weeks old the puppies will master their environment and continue to improve social behavior skills within their litter mates (pack), other animals and human interaction within a family and home environment.

During this crucial time frame is one of the most important lifelong trades that your puppy will inherit is his play drive in interacting with his littermates, his dominance and pack-order will be revealed and his prey drive will be discovered, in full.

Bringing your new puppy home before 8 weeks of age will interrupt this critical period of development and most likely will lead to socialization and aggression issues in the future.
  • Birth to 8 weeks that a puppy spends with the littermates is the backbone of their lifelong character!
  • The socialization with litter mates and/or other animals is crucial from the age of 6 to 8 weeks.
  • A puppy that is younger then 8 weeks old is not fully developed in nerve stability and social behavior.
  • A puppy with steady nerves will result in a LIFE LONG clear in the head character, courageousness and mental strength and MOST LIKELY will never end up in shelters due to poor and undeveloped social behavior.
Gunbil German shepherd puppies must be  10 WEEKS or older before they can go to their new homes. (NO EXCEPTIONS).

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