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my puppy is not eating
  • If your puppy is not eating, add 1/4 a cup of warm water to dry food and mix well, let it cool before feeding. Feed 4/5 times a day with smaller portions.
  • If puppy is not eating from "bowl", you can try feeding it with your hands to your puppy. This will motivate him to start eating, of course a praise like "good eating" is rewarding to your puppy. Always, reward your puppy when he does something that is satisfactory to you.
  • You can also let your puppy eat directly from the floor (dry kibbles), if he is not eating from bowl or hand. This method is like a game to them, each time he finds a kibble you can praise him by saying "good search and/or good eating
  • Keep plenty of fresh water in a clean water bowl.
do not alter your puppy's dog food brand at this stage. Please, only feed his brand of dog food and nothing else!
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