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Gunbil German Shepherd Dogs
Alpha, Beta and Omega profile and characteristics

Understanding Dog Pack Hierarchy (Gunbil GSD way) - After 17 years in breeding, showing our dogs worldwide we have proven the Dog Pack Hierarchy regarding the GSD (German shepherd dog) as we've established below. This has been the success in our world class breeding program and contious to this day. This comes with experience, knowledge and our passion in improving the breed not just in type but in over-all anatomy, structure, mind body and soul.

  • 1. ALPHA: The 1st rank of the dog pack is the alpha. The alpha dog is a natural born leader who does not need to prove his rank to any other dog in the pack. Primarily because the dogs instinctual pack behavior comes into play and a hierarchy must be established as to who is the “lead dog". The Alpha dog that will quickly assume the leadership role in your family, if you don't. VERY STRONG, ROBUST, DOMINANT, POWERFUL, HIGH PREY DRIVE, STRONG SPIRITED, EXCELLENT FOR SPORT, RECOMMENDED FOR PROTECTION DOG.
    • Alpha: The alpha dog must rule and is given first rights in breeding with females and in eating. Both male and female alpha dogs exude confidence, maintaining control through body position, facial expression, and the occasional nip or snarl at beta members of the pack. Understanding the instinctual pack animal organization is essential in helping dogs in homes receive the training they need. Without the presence of other animals, a single dog in a family home is likely to believe he or she is the alpha dog. The dog has to be convinced otherwise by the “people pack” or else the dog is likely to exhibit behavioral problems.
    • When a dog in the home remains the alpha dog, undesirable behaviors may emerge. The dog will not follow commands, may bite, snarl, dangerously guard its food, and will refuse to be walked by an owner. With the last, an alpha dog usually walks its owner, not coming to heel when requested, but hurrying the owner along at its own pace. Not all characteristics of the alpha dog are bad ones. Alpha dogs are often quite smart animals, and in natural wild dog settings, they would be leaders. In a family setting they must be convinced that they are not dominant.
  • 2. ALPHA-BETA: This is the 2nd ranked dog in the pack, it's also a leader but is second in command to the Alpha Dog and in line for the Alpha position if the opportunity is given. The Alpha-Beta dog conveys confidence but clearly less then the alpha and much more than the Beta. Excellent natural ability and instinct to protect his/her family (with defensive and offensive natural ability and instinct to protect his/her family). VERY STRONG, POWERFUL, VERY GOOD PREY DRIVE, VERY GOOD FOR SPORT AND IDEAL DOG FOR FAMILY PROTECTION.
  • 3. BETA: The 3rd ranked dog is excellent for family. Not necessarily a follower to the Alpha, rather a different kind. He avoids confrontation and risks. He does not have the need to challenge for position. Very affectionate loving dog and, if raised with children, will make an excellent playmate as well as watchdog for them. Good defensive natural ability and instinct to protect his/her family. STRONG, GOOD PREY DRIVE, GOOD FOR SPORT AND FAMILY PROTECTION, EXCELLENT FOR FAMILY!.
  • 4. BETA-OMEGA: The 4th in command. An ideal family pet for high traffic and large families. Most often this is the one who is most laid back, does not lack confident, with "sound" temperament. Will accept lower position without a challenge, happy to hangout with you. A cool dog. AN IDEAL FAMILY PET, GOOD PLAY DRIVE, READY TO PLAY AND READY TO PLEASE ATTITUDE.
  • 5. Omega: The 5th is the lowest ranking, the Omega. The last ranking dog within the pack.  is the omega. The omega is viewed by the rest of the pack as the weakest link. This dog (Omega) will lack confidence necessary to excel to the higher rank position of the Alpha. The Omega dog can be very shy and naturally will try to avoid confrontation. The Omega dog is happy to be a follower. When approached by  a Alpha dog, Omega dog will start wiggling, licking face (mouth), and lay-over and expose their bellies but are very pleased to interact with the Alpha dog. The Omega dog tail is between their legs (in dog parks) and will walk cautiously  at the dog park with fear and submissive and will  avoid provocation, and/or may bark from fear or even fight back.
    • Therefore, they are often the target for being bullied, harassed and picked on by dogs of higher ranking in the pack order.
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